The Art of Etching in Printmaking workshop with artists Marelise van Wyk and Sanet Visser

Join experienced printmakers, Marelise van Wyk and Sanet Visser, in the secrets of Etching with inspiration from Rembrandt van Rijn techniques.

Etching was first popularized in the 15th century. Later Rembrandt van Rijn’s name became synonymous with the mastery of this printmaking technique. His innovations to the art of etching would go on to influence Goya, Picasso and Chagall.

The workshop will includes two print techniques:
(1) copper plate etching
(2) dry point etching on polypropylene plates

Participants will learn how to prepare their own plates, etch their design onto the plate and make unique prints on a press. Rembrandt van Rijn etches in the Rupert Museum collection will be brought out for this workshop – for inspiration and discussion.

All materials will be provided, no prior experience required! This workshop is for adults.
What to bring:
Wear old clothes (an apron and surgical gloves will be provided) – printmaking is a messy business.
Your ideas and sketches – it is possible to trace images onto the plates; bring images to trace in case you do not feel confident to draw freehand.

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Image courtesy of Marelise van Wyk

Workshop DETAILS

12 October 2022
10:30 - 15:30