Museum Saturday #GallerySessions with Sarah Blake


Enjoy a live music performance by Sarah Blake from the café!

Cape Town-based multi-instrumentalist, Sarah Blake, creates music that makes you feel. Rooted in jazz, soul, blues, and folk, her quirky, charming, and disarming stage presence pulls you into a magical space, weaving her scat solos and lyrics through threads of harmony. You arrive feeling excited, and leave feeling content and connected to those sharing this experience with you.

With inspiration from old and new Jazz greats alike, she interweaves her storytelling through deep lyrical melodies while laying you down on soft cushions of harmony.

Indulge in a Mediterranean feast on the day.

Entrance complimentary | No bookings required

Contact us at 021 888 3344 /


28 January 2023
13:00 - 15:30