Upcoming: Gallery 2


24 November 2023 - 26 November 2023


Celebrating its 31st birthday, Boland Bonsai Kai will exhibit some of their most exquisite trees. The trees will be placed amongst the famed Johannesburg Station Panels by JH Pierneef. This creates exciting interactions and contrasts between two completely different, yet intrinsically related art forms.

Bonsai – an art form which originated in Japan many centuries ago is an artistically designed tree in a pot. It is an art form that makes use of living instead of inert material. The well-known bonsai artist John Naka describes it thus: “Bonsai is an art involving scientific study and philosophy. It is a living tree, styled artistically to represent nature’s beauty in a small container.”

More about Boland Bonsai Kai
Boland Bonsai Kai was started 31 years ago by a group of inexperienced enthusiasts. However, they learnt the skills of bonsai very quickly and soon attracted wider attention. Since then, many club members have gone on to win awards and have become recognised on the national stage. This exciting collaboration of bringing miniature trees that were the subject to Pierneef’s greatest interest will appeal to a wide and diverse audience.    

Bonsai trees will also be on sale in the Museum Library on both Saturday and Sunday during museum hours. Card, cash and Snapscan facilities will be available.

Image courtesy of Stone Lantern Bonsai Nursery