Museum Saturday Preserving the Garden with food artist Zayaan Khan (workshop for 16+ years)

With the garden as focus, how do we capture and use the produce on offer – the options are endless, especially with food artist and researcher Zayaan Khan you will learn about the tricks to preserve the [your] garden. The workshop will explore preservation techniques and recipes for the home and kitchen, all by using kitchen waste. While learning the how to you will make your own SAFE cleaners and fresheners, with tips on stocks and powders for the pantry.

The workshop will focus on demonstrations, recipes, easy methods with no fancy equipment, and examples to smell and taste. All material, garden offerings, a spray bottle and atomiser will be provided.

Limited seats are available. This workshop is suitable for 16yrs +

Please note: no cancellations will be given a refund. 

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Workshop DETAILS

Oct 29 2022
11:00 am - 2:00 pm